---Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW, Developer DEFT

“Suffering is relieved through a mutual process of giving focused, caring attention to the client’s internal feelings, desires, thoughts and bodily sensations as they occur in the present moment. The self-defeating parts of the self are clearly distinguished from those that promote health and relationship. True choice and change become possible.”          

Bridget Quebodeaux, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #95062

My path to the therapist's chair began in a theatre conservatory and led me through a rich adventure in body focused and mindfulness based approaches to well-being. My earliest teachers instilled in me the value of not trying to "change" anyone and the faith that each of us already possess everything we need to be whole and function well. I continue to seek out ways of working with my clients that address barriers to their innate emotional freedom and natural capacity for fulfilling relationship with others. 


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Most clients come to me seeking some kind of shift. Are there personal, professional or relationship goals that you just can’t seem to reach? Do you find it difficult to identify what you deeply want for yourself? Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or having trouble working through anger or grief? I utilize a focused, emotion-centered accelerated approach to therapy called Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy (DEFT) so that we might help you achieve your therapy goals as quickly as possible. 

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